“I will do anything to make a human being feel better, even if its unscientific.”- Dr. Koenigswald

Dr. Schlichter von Koenigswald was a physician in Auschwitz and later served at the San Lorenzo charity hospital on the island of San Lorenzo


Koenigswald served with the S.S. in Germany for fourteen years, including six years at the concentration camp at Auschwitz. He works at Castle's hospital in San Lorenzoas penance for his crimes. He is also Papa Monzano's attending physician. He administers the last rites of the Bokonist Faith to him. After Monzano committed suicide by swallowing ice-nine, Dr. von Koenigswald contaminated his hands with the deadly substance. When he tried to wash them, he instantly froze them. In an attempt to identify the unknown substance he licked it, which froze his body solid.