Malachi Constant (Unk while on Mars) was the heir to a large fortune made by his father's incredible luck, which he also inherited. He was one of the few who met Winston Niles Rumfoord while he was in Chrono-Synclastic Infundibulum. While in that fateful meeting, he learned that Rumfoord could see the future, and was told that he would embark on adventure where he would go to Mars, then Mercury, then return to Earth, and then would go to Titan. Rumfoord also revealed that while Constant was on this journey, he would have a child with Rumfoord's wife, . Constant tried to prevent these affairs from happening, which resulted in him losing his fortune and becoming unemployed. While in desperation, he accepted the offer of two people (actually Martian agents) to enlist in the Martian army. While there, he became known as Unk and befriended fellow soldier Stony Stevenson. As he had been brainwashed upon entering the army ranks, he did not question his orders until he began to realize strange happenings. Before he was brainwashed for his curiousity, he wrote a note to himself. After being brainwashed a second time, he discovered the note and used the information it bore to rescue his son Chrono and wife Bea, only to end up catured and put on a ship with Rumfoord and his Sergeant . He ended up on Mercury where he tried to find a way to escape the planet for three years. After he escaped without Boaz, he returned to Earth, to find that it had united under one religion, , ofwhich Rumfoord was the leader. Under Rumfoord's command, he was told that he was Malachi Constant (as he still believed he was Unk), who was the exact opposite of what a human would want to be under Rumfoord's religion. He was banished to Titan, along with his son Chrono, and wife Bea, who was in fact Beatrice Rumfoord. He spent most of the rest of his life on Titan. Eventually, Rumfoord left the galaxy, Chrono joined a flock of birds on Titan, and Beatrice died, just a while after Malachi finally realized that he loved her. On Titan, Malachi found and rebuilt the Tralfamadorian machine, Salo, who offered to take him back to Earth. While arriving at Earth, Malachi died, eased into death by a hallucination induced by Salo.

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